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Started it's life as a Sales Demo Wagon

Was a demo, and now years later, it's still looks about the same, but I need to clean it up and make some nice changes to it again. Been many years since doing anything to this toy.

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First off, It's not a Business Site!

Years ago, it was just a dream to have a HUMMV, but in late 1995, it became real with this 1992 AM General's Hummer. And so I wanted to share the fun I was having with this truck along with other stories dealing with owning a H1 Hummer, or a HMMWV, High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle.  So I created RedHummer.Com Web site. It been years since I have updated it and it been come a junkie site with lots of no good links on it and way out of date. Times have changed, and FrontPage (the web editor) is history.  Now Moving on to Wix. 

So, this very Hummer was used by AM General in the sales video. then was sold to some one in Texas, and later traded in for a newer Hummer. And that is where I became the next owner of this truck and the life of the Red Hummer goes on. 

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You Got to be Adventurous

No, I do not service Hummers or any other vehicles here, this is just a hobby site, nothing more.
But if you are a nice looking female and need to be serviced let me know!  LOL



I am surprised at how far we could push this truck, and it's been a lot of fun doing so. When I first went down, it was an awesome!  Could not wait to do it again!


I pushed my boundaries sometimes a little too, but this truck still kept going in and out of the rivers and water. I can say, it got very wet inside, and the wetter it was, the more fun it was!! And I can say I love it when it got nice and wet inside!


I may not do much with it right now, but it will always be a truck that I love. I need to put some good money in to it and maybe put a bigger engine in it one day. It's noisy inside, but that is a true Hummer. So many things I would love to do to it, but money doesn't grow on trees. When i got more time, I have a toy to play with and to work on. It's almost 30 years old now, and in Texas, that is a classic auto. 

I wish my off-roading pictures where better so I could show the adventures I have had with the truck, but a lot got destroyed by some clown working on my web server years ago. What is on here are some that I recovered. Also digital cameras back then was a whooping 640 x 480, and I really could not afford spending the money on film back then. 

How time has changed.  

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